Among the avalanche of sects which are eroding the world religious moral, there is an extremely dangerous movement, because , not only threatens the human spiritual values, but also its social organization. We are talking about the New Age, or Nueva Era, with a voluminous financial resources squandering are spreading a fallacious materialistic global proposition accompanied of a aberrant doctrine in which man is deified as a supreme universe being.

We all know that the society globalization under materialistic bases is carrying people towards misery and the deification of the human being is the seed from which the tyrants and so called illuminated are borne.

The Mundihumanismo's world union proposals are borne from the fraternity, the solidarity and economic justice and do pretend the human glorification throughout the union with God. They have acquired this wed in order to dedicate it exclusively to debate the New Age, with the main purpose of counteract its infamous and vigorous propaganda, which circulates with ravaging abundance at par with technical and intellectual means on Internet webs.

We invite all believers in only one Supreme Being, regardless of your denomination (Jehovah, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, no matter the name, but its contents) to participate in this ecumenical campaign in deafens of the social and moral principles which sustain the humanity's hope for a dignify future, which corresponds to their condition of God's children, made to his image and resemblance.